Firm News

David C. Bakutis, R. Dyann McCully, Kory W. Nelson, and M. Beth Hampton have joined our Fort Worth office!

Fort Worth magazine has named 15 attorneys in our Fort Worth office as “2016 Top Attorneys.”

Area of Practice-Probate, Estates, & Trust: Marvin E. Blum, Gary V. Post, Amanda L. Holliday, Amy E. Ott, Rachel W. Saltsman, David Bakutis, Dyann McCully, Laura L. Haley, Catherine R. Moon, Kandice R. Damiano, Julie A. Plemons, Emily Seawright, and Beth Hampton.

Area of Practice-Tax:John R. Hunter and Len Woodard.

Marvin E. Blum, Gary V. Post, John R. Hunter, Steven W. Novak, and Len Woodard have been named 2016 “Super Lawyers” by Thomson Reuters.

Amanda L. Holliday has been named a “Texas Rising Star Super Lawyer” by Thomson Reuters for eight years in a row.

Recent White Papers & Publications

“Filling in the Gaps: Create a “Red File” for Clients to Cover Issues Beyond Traditional Estate Planning” by Marvin E. Blum, Trusts & Estates magazine (February 2017)

“The End of Valuation Discounts for Family-Owned Discounts” (2016)

“Squeeze, Freeze, and Burn: Estate Planning With 678 Trusts” by Marvin E. Blum (2016).

“Hit by the Bus – Who’s Next if the Business Owner Dies?” by Marvin E. Blum, FW Inc. magazine, July-August, 2016.

“Using Trusts to Hand Down Retirement Assets” by Amy E. Ott, FW Inc. magazine, February, 2016.

“Changing the Playbook-How to Prepare Heirs for What’s Coming” by Marvin E. Blum, Trusts & Estates magazine, February, 2016.

“I enjoyed your article in the latest edition of Trusts & Estates. It should be required reading for anyone who is wealthy and in the process of planning their estate. If it were, we could have probably avoided a number of unpleasant family squabbles.” Wm. J. Hudspeth, Jr., Austin Trust Company

Recent Speeches

October 26, 2016: Marvin E. Blum at the Women’s Center Financial Advisor Seminar (Fort Worth, Texas) Helping Your Clients Achieve Their Philanthropic Goals.”

October 25, 2016: Marvin E. Blum at the Landowner’s Forum (Dallas, Texas) Call For Action: Valuation Discounts For Family-Owned Entities.”

August 4, 2016: John R. Hunter at the Fort Worth Tax Institute (FW Chapter of TSCPA) on “Choice of Entity.”

August 5, 2016: Marvin E. Blum at the Fort Worth Tax Institute (FW Chapter of TSCPA) on “Business Succession Planning.”

August 5, 2016: Gary V. Post at the Fort Worth Tax Institute (FW Chapter of TSCPA) on “Estate Tax Update.”

June 21, 2016: Christine S. Wakeman at the 2016 Intermediate Estate Planning & Probate Course in San Antonio on “Dissecting a Will Someone Else Drafted.”

May 13, 2016: Gary V. Post at the Collin County Probate Bar The Estate Planning World Changed – Did You Get The Memo?

May 13, 2016: Marvin E. Blum at the 2016 Annual Meeting of The Nautilus Group of New York Life Insurance Company in Plano on “Business Succession Planning Roadmap: A Planner’s Ten-Step Guide.”

June 9, 2016: Marvin E. Blum at Lion Street, Inc.’s Trusted Advisor Conference in Las Vegas on “Using Life Insurance for Basis Planning with Generational Loans.”